When to Speak,,, When to Strike


Man we’re talking movements were talking revolutions were talking about mass worldwide change.

The changes in ideals the changes in concept that changes in patterns that changes in habits.

And also understanding that there is a season for everything under the Sun as for told in the scriptures and season to sow a season to reap.

Marching through transitions of new seasons you have to understand and differentiate the difference between The times to speak and the times to act the times to listen and the times to under and over stand.

Time after time you can see the instances are people were never supposed to take one action but they took another and it resulted in something negative.

During the recent meeting I personally use the analogy between a tornado And associating with someone who could resemble what would be called a force of nature Due to there are very abrasive and aggressive mentality and way of acting.

Maybe you’ve experienced conversating with the person similar to this where no matter what you say it was spit back at you with exponential energy. Escalating the argument to monumental proportions taking it far out of context and causing confusion. There needs to be an absolute transformation a of mental dispositions in order for healthy relationships to be bonded with individuals like this.

And much like a tornado roaring and ripping down the highway down cascading over farmlands and causing destruction Throughout its very pass wherever it goes and follows through over every inch of Square land.

If you try to throw anything into the tornado it would spit it right back at you and probably hurt you. You can’t control the tornado but that what you can control is your proximity to the tornado and how close you are to the region where tornadoes happen more often.

From self reflection from being on the one side of this type of ordeal I’ve learned that it is most beneficial to respond by action.

That is the idea that I want to pass along through this post is discerning the difference between the time to strike and the time to speak.

In a different parallel of the same principle we can look at the time when God told Moses and Aaron to speak to the rock yet they struck it in order to get enough water for the people, the animals and even for a pool that could use some pool resurfacing.

And because of Moses is failure to comply with the actual order in its specification, Actually hindered him to do more than just see the promised land but stopped him from being able to go into it.

I would imagine that it was due to his high level of responsibility that God had rendered such a harsh form of judgment unto Moses.

Maybe you can remember a time in your life when you actually realize that the repercussions because you had taken the wrong course of action..

The point is not to just sit there feel sorry for yourself and beat yourself down and feel guilty but it is to learn from the lesson.

Especially as you’re growing in your strength and you realize that when it is time to strike is time to strike and that means serious business, And when it is time for you to communicate the things that have been going on in your mind and those around you are wondering and just waiting in anticipation to see what you’re going to say Because you gauge your speach according to the fact that there is life and death in the power of your tongue therefore you are very careful with what you let proceed from your mouth..

So they want to hear more




Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum


Once again…

It is that joyous time of year.

with those holiday greetings and happy meetings with friends, family, and those who we hold dear to our heart.

In this time of holiday festivities, when the holiday cheer and Christmas spirit theme lines up many of the television programming and major retail advertisements and displays.

When Christmas becomes a business focus, we deny ourselves an opportunity to learn from the many stories and moral lessons that surround this magical time of love and bonding.

It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for a reason.

Let’s take a look at the value of the popular story of the little drummer boy..

I’m sure you’ve heard the song and may be familiar with the party if the song saying pa rum pa pum pum..

Taking place during the birth of Christ when the shepherds who where watching their flocks, the wise men following the bright start traveling from afar east who where coming to pay their respects to the new born king.

Now outside of the narrative that this song tells, I don’t personally know of any other account that validates or confirms the existence of this little drummer boy.

No as the story goes he it was a long other villagers who told him and were coming to see the newborn King.

However it case the little boy was poor and he did not have any material gifts to bring it to the king.

However the young little drummer boy had a heart so full of compassion so full of love and admiration, That he did not let the fact that he didn’t have Frankincense gold or mhyrr like the wise man or other physical gifts stop him From coming to pay his respects to this king that he knew in his soul was going to be something significant in this world.

Yet at the aspect of this story that warms hearts all over the world is the fact that this drummer boy knew if he had one thing in this life it was his ability to play the drum.

And as he approaches the little baby boy in the manger he plays his heart out on that drum.

What Can We Learn From This Story?

Well there are many things that we can take away from this beautiful story but first of all it is not meant to replace forsake the very meaningful expressions of love that physical gifts have the capacity to offer.

More so it’s a beautiful look at the intention behind the gift in the act of giving of what we do have to offer.

I am an individual with a very active imagination and in my mind I can just imagine what that performance looked like.

One of those moments when time just stood still and nothing existed except the beat of the drum As the rhythm of the percussion washed over the multitude of those who gathered and the little baby Jesus just sitting there like a wide eyed child full of wonder and amazement.

Although he was the savior of the world since the moment that he came into this world who knew what was going through his mind who knew how much he understood about the world around him.

I’ll leave that question up to the theologians and scholars but for one thing that I am certain when someone is putting their passion inton their gift in front of you, It is a beautiful gift that supersedes language barriers that supersedes differences in understanding indeed.

I’m sure this little drummer boy song and story captures be one of the highlights of this young musicians musical career.

With absolutely no idea about the rest of this little drummer boy’s life and story after this night, I would hope and as well as imagine that his life and his career was met with favor and blessings from the Almighty God from the authentic gift that he shared on the special night.

And so in conclusion the main point that we can take away from this story and apply into our own lives this holiday season.

Is to give with your heart and not just your pockets..


This gift keeps on giving



Let it Rain!



You don’t want to be the one to show up when the party’s gone.

You can ride along,

Hurry the time is going, turning right at the light while this world’s going left.

With absolutely no intention to impress those who could not care less to see our people progress, out of a mess, into a shot at success.

The storm is brewing, but for many of us, it is rain that is well overdue.

Rain that will come down and refresh.

Open the floodgates of heaven, let it Rain

Let the sound that has to be brought forth be lifted up..

See we can head out and turn up, party have a good time cheers, make a toast to the good life! But if we’re not celebrating with our family, then we should step back and evaluate what we are doing and come to terms with what is valuable to us.

Lord to you ^

I dedicate my focus right now, there is a song in my heart that wants to rise.

Despite naysayers, doubters, and haters…

There is a worship and praise that I want to express up to you. And nothing can stop it.

Open the floodgates of heaven, Let it Rain.

To be able to speak freely again, without limits to expression. I know what I want to hear, I know what I refuse to tolerate in my presence.

My intentions and desires are for real.

Never bow down to what you are authorized to step over. Humanity can not stop what Divinity has commanded.

Yes to your will, yes to your way, say YES

Open the floodgates of heaven let it Rain.

Are we subscribing to ways of thinking and moving that sabotage us.

The pain inside is justified as fuel to get through the process through the dry season into the place to bless him.

He has his hands on your life.

I just want to shout from the top of my lungs from the mountain top that all is well and I can feel the drops coming down penetrating and dissolving my doubts and fears and washing them down the drain of forgetfulness never to be brought forth again.

When times are difficult and it seems no one can understand, but it’s often in those times we forget what it means to be in his his hands.

Even as we climb mountains and hills,, even Farmington hills..

Let the rain fall of blessings from the sky even if we have to press through the rain fall of tears from our eyes.

As long as we don’t drown and can stay afloat clinging to our flotation device, we can be assured that the wave that we are riding will drift us onto new shores and plateaus..

My Cup Runneth Over

Share The Holiday Spirit!


Ahhh…. What a memorable time of the year!!!

The lights, the family, the cheers, the gifts, the sharing, the special moments, the memories, the holiday carols, the sleigh bells..

Walking in a winter wonderland..

Just taking time to give thanks, share love, build a snowman, shrink some hot coco, warming up by the fire, traveling to the family members.

I’m sure that we can all relate at least to a degree to the laying impressions that holiday cheer is known for.

A celebratory time centered around the birth a little baby boy in a manger.

Even the love that is shared under the mistletoe to that special someone, or those special someone’s. Ha ha

Ahhh and the wonderful smell wafting from the crevices of the oven, stove, and cupboards in the kitchen.

Dishes of special recipes that have been carefully passed down from generation to generation to be followed and talked about over the dining room table.

The different stories and narratives that the old tell the young, whether of the bible story, our the Santa Claus north pole story with the elves. It all connects to create such a special and unforgettable feeling of Christmas..

Smile after smile, the salvation army bell ringers ever so gently reminding us to reciprocate the blessing of generosity that has already been shown to us in the spirit of giving.

The silver bells, the choirs, the special school and church programs, the off note yet still adorable presentations from the kids.

Pa rum pa pum pum..

Come they told me…

The commercials, the business, the economic boom from a culture that knows how to profit from the materialistic aspect that sadly many get utterly consumed in.

Ahh yes, we can not accurately and sufficiently describe the holidays if we omit the aspect of the culture that yields the stress, greed, excessive drinking to those who have lost sight of the deeper qualities that are inborn within the holiday spirit.

So I’m offering this simple phrase,

That has been said many times many ways,

Get you act together,, lol

In all seriousness, it’s all love as we then prepare to be ushered into the new year where many feel the emotional high..

And make resolutions with a slim chance of succeeding…

Ahhh what a hairy situation,,

The consequences and repercussions of historical fact are real.

To break the yoke of bondage that still holds some in captivity.

I thought I saw this coming, I hoped it was my imagination. The messiness of it all can create confusion.

That ish Cray,,

Never forgetting the time that’s precious and must be utilized for progress..

Songs of good cheer..

Ding dong, diiiiiing donnnnnnng!


It was the first noel, the shepherds where laying because the sheep needed to be taken care of.

The wiser men followed the star east being gifts to he who was born.

Oh we had a great laugh when I encouraged another wise man not to pass up the opportunity to bring unto me more Gold, frankincense, and myhrr.

There wad no room in the inns, but alas even the royalty had to make his entrance into the world that he was destined to save starting from very humble beginnings.

I’ve learned and continue to encourage others never to despise those.

Through the years, we will continue to find ways to make time, to spend time together.

This is the fertilization of the roots that our family is built upon.

Hang a shining star on the top of the tree, the garland, the candy canes, the milk and cookies.

Memories of being the last to get the tree, and the last to take it down, rushing around the whole city on Christmas looking for cinnamon or nutmeg. Whatever spice it was.. ohhhh the beautiful women, Santa baby..

Wait! What was shared? And why the wad?

Focused and persistant, even the time I tried peek in mom’s stash because I couldn’t wait until the morning.

Oh but punishment ensued that year..

Make the right choice..

Oh those sleepless nights antsy with anticipation, those early mornings stampeding down to the tree.

Our even those years when Mom did the best she could,

Now I understand.

And hopefully you do too!

Merry Christmas to You

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it’s Always Worth A Try



Have you ever heard…

That you miss 100% of the shots that you do not take?

I’m beginning to see that there is a reoccurring theme along the topics that are on my heart to share through this blog post as well as the other on this site.

It is always time to better ourselves and to look at the areas in life that we can improve.

So important not only to talk the talk but also to walk the walk and that can never happen unless you take the first step.

Have you ever try to start an older engine motor during a cold season and quickly realize that it had to warm up before it would fully roar into life.

Maybe you’ve tried it the first time and it stuttered and died maybe the second and third time it also didn’t turn over.

Unless there’s an actual failure In the motor or electrical systems, More than likely the engine would eventually turn over and begin to warm up so that you could get into your destination.

Imagine not making it to your destination because the engine did not start on your first attempt.

Such is the picture of our lives when we find a task that requires constant tenacity ambition and discipline to achieve and accomplish and we give up.

What stops us from trying?

Many times it is the fear of failure that can hinder us from proceeding to actually take steps to start something in the first place.

That’s a topic that’s deep enough for a completely new and different post.

However I’m sure that we all can relate and have been in that place where we were immobilized due to the fear of the unknown.

The fear of looking silly the fear of judgment from others the fear of others opinions that fear of losing control.

Thoughts racing through our minds

The perspiration the sweat.

Yet somehow when we reconnect with the reason for our desire to move forward with whatever endeavour we are in the midst of in the first place.

We can usually find the substance that we need to enable ourselves to keep pressing on when we remember why we started.

Maybe we have a large yard project we’ve been procrastinating about, maybe we where supposed to paint the house, call Tree Removal Wilmington to get the yard ready for summer

Yet somehow sometimes we are so gripped by our fear that keeps us stagnant, that we stay perpetrating the same cycle of our past and current results.

It’s even said in different words by the well-known innovator and philosopher Albert Einstein the definition of madness is doing the same things over and over and over again expecting a different result.

People will complain day in and day out about different things that are happening or that are not happening in their lives, yet somehow stay stuck mentally by not getting outside of their comfort zone.

And I know I know that is easier said than done but for many of us especially in this day and age it is a necessity to face these fears, summon some courage, walk by faith, make a plan, and TRY.

You know how the saying goes, if at first you do not succeed, try, try, again!

Keep it going!

All that Power


What Is Power?

Within the very essence of the word power, is something that extends father beyond our comprehension.

Why is it that Power is so attractive, seeming to be one of the most sought after attributes in our society.

Many people would associate power with financial status, and material wealth.

Others would define it by the ability to influence others around them.

Others associate their business success and achievements as an indicator of their power.

All of these things do reflect a form of power and can be used in a noble and constructive sense, as well destructive.

I believe that the first step to understanding how to grow in power and strength, is to properly understand it’s true nature and how it has been used in it’s highest expression.

I invite you on this journey of exploration and education of this worthwhile topic.

Where does Power come from?

I believe that all true power that manifests in the physical realm had it’s roots in the spiritual dimension.

I mean that in both the positive and the negative way.

When we look in the scriptures of the bible, we remember that the son of God Jesus the Christ was and still is beheld as the saviour if the world who came down to earth to represent God the father in all of his glory and strength wrapped in the flesh of human condition.

During a period of time in the new testament, the multitudes asked Jesus how to pray.

He then responded with a prayer that many still quote to this very day titled “The Lord’s prayer”

The reason I bring this up is because, even as Jesus was worshipped, pardoned the sins of humanity, could heal the blind, raise the dead, turn water to wine, he still acknowledged that the Kingdom, Power, and Glory belongs to our father who art in heaven.

Whether you identify with the sacred or secular understanding of power, it is an universal understanding that there is a power working within all of us that connects us all with each other as well as with the rest of the world.

I believe our ability to express that Power is related to our awareness of is already placed inside of us, and the Grace from he who put it there.

This in itself is the basis and foundation of true power.

Power is not always physical and displayed in great strength.

We can look at the opossum and how this nervous little creature instinctively uses the resources it has to survive.

Many powerful, hungry predators have left it alone due to the opossum playing dead.

To me,, that’s powerful

To be able to assume whatever disposition necessary to survive, function, and flourish in your environment is reflective of a power that’s deeper than brute strength.

Even wise men know how to play the card of silence and discerning the right time to reveal information and intentions.

Which brings me to my next point

Wisdom = Power

There was a very wealthy and Powerful king in the old testament named Solomon the son of David.

Early in Solomon’s reign, he was having a conversation with God who told him that he would grant him anything that his mind could think of.

Let us learn from the fact that Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the children of Israel.

He asked this understanding, that in all the search for wealth, Power, status, influence, Wisdom unlocks the door for not only attainment, but sustainment

Because of the nobility of his desire Solomon lead the nation of Israel with principles that major corporations and institutions still learn from to this day..


I’m not done flowing for the day…

Keep up with me