Share The Holiday Spirit!


Ahhh…. What a memorable time of the year!!!

The lights, the family, the cheers, the gifts, the sharing, the special moments, the memories, the holiday carols, the sleigh bells..

Walking in a winter wonderland..

Just taking time to give thanks, share love, build a snowman, shrink some hot coco, warming up by the fire, traveling to the family members.

I’m sure that we can all relate at least to a degree to the laying impressions that holiday cheer is known for.

A celebratory time centered around the birth a little baby boy in a manger.

Even the love that is shared under the mistletoe to that special someone, or those special someone’s. Ha ha

Ahhh and the wonderful smell wafting from the crevices of the oven, stove, and cupboards in the kitchen.

Dishes of special recipes that have been carefully passed down from generation to generation to be followed and talked about over the dining room table.

The different stories and narratives that the old tell the young, whether of the bible story, our the Santa Claus north pole story with the elves. It all connects to create such a special and unforgettable feeling of Christmas..

Smile after smile, the salvation army bell ringers ever so gently reminding us to reciprocate the blessing of generosity that has already been shown to us in the spirit of giving.

The silver bells, the choirs, the special school and church programs, the off note yet still adorable presentations from the kids.

Pa rum pa pum pum..

Come they told me…

The commercials, the business, the economic boom from a culture that knows how to profit from the materialistic aspect that sadly many get utterly consumed in.

Ahh yes, we can not accurately and sufficiently describe the holidays if we omit the aspect of the culture that yields the stress, greed, excessive drinking to those who have lost sight of the deeper qualities that are inborn within the holiday spirit.

So I’m offering this simple phrase,

That has been said many times many ways,

Get you act together,, lol

In all seriousness, it’s all love as we then prepare to be ushered into the new year where many feel the emotional high..

And make resolutions with a slim chance of succeeding…

Ahhh what a hairy situation,,

The consequences and repercussions of historical fact are real.

To break the yoke of bondage that still holds some in captivity.

I thought I saw this coming, I hoped it was my imagination. The messiness of it all can create confusion.

That ish Cray,,

Never forgetting the time that’s precious and must be utilized for progress..

Songs of good cheer..

Ding dong, diiiiiing donnnnnnng!


It was the first noel, the shepherds where laying because the sheep needed to be taken care of.

The wiser men followed the star east being gifts to he who was born.

Oh we had a great laugh when I encouraged another wise man not to pass up the opportunity to bring unto me more Gold, frankincense, and myhrr.

There wad no room in the inns, but alas even the royalty had to make his entrance into the world that he was destined to save starting from very humble beginnings.

I’ve learned and continue to encourage others never to despise those.

Through the years, we will continue to find ways to make time, to spend time together.

This is the fertilization of the roots that our family is built upon.

Hang a shining star on the top of the tree, the garland, the candy canes, the milk and cookies.

Memories of being the last to get the tree, and the last to take it down, rushing around the whole city on Christmas looking for cinnamon or nutmeg. Whatever spice it was.. ohhhh the beautiful women, Santa baby..

Wait! What was shared? And why the wad?

Focused and persistant, even the time I tried peek in mom’s stash because I couldn’t wait until the morning.

Oh but punishment ensued that year..

Make the right choice..

Oh those sleepless nights antsy with anticipation, those early mornings stampeding down to the tree.

Our even those years when Mom did the best she could,

Now I understand.

And hopefully you do too!

Merry Christmas to You

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