Let it Rain!



You don’t want to be the one to show up when the party’s gone.

You can ride along,

Hurry the time is going, turning right at the light while this world’s going left.

With absolutely no intention to impress those who could not care less to see our people progress, out of a mess, into a shot at success.

The storm is brewing, but for many of us, it is rain that is well overdue.

Rain that will come down and refresh.

Open the floodgates of heaven, let it Rain

Let the sound that has to be brought forth be lifted up..

See we can head out and turn up, party have a good time cheers, make a toast to the good life! But if we’re not celebrating with our family, then we should step back and evaluate what we are doing and come to terms with what is valuable to us.

Lord to you ^

I dedicate my focus right now, there is a song in my heart that wants to rise.

Despite naysayers, doubters, and haters…

There is a worship and praise that I want to express up to you. And nothing can stop it.

Open the floodgates of heaven, Let it Rain.

To be able to speak freely again, without limits to expression. I know what I want to hear, I know what I refuse to tolerate in my presence.

My intentions and desires are for real.

Never bow down to what you are authorized to step over. Humanity can not stop what Divinity has commanded.

Yes to your will, yes to your way, say YES

Open the floodgates of heaven let it Rain.

Are we subscribing to ways of thinking and moving that sabotage us.

The pain inside is justified as fuel to get through the process through the dry season into the place to bless him.

He has his hands on your life.

I just want to shout from the top of my lungs from the mountain top that all is well and I can feel the drops coming down penetrating and dissolving my doubts and fears and washing them down the drain of forgetfulness never to be brought forth again.

When times are difficult and it seems no one can understand, but it’s often in those times we forget what it means to be in his his hands.

Even as we climb mountains and hills,, even Farmington hills..

Let the rain fall of blessings from the sky even if we have to press through the rain fall of tears from our eyes.

As long as we don’t drown and can stay afloat clinging to our flotation device, we can be assured that the wave that we are riding will drift us onto new shores and plateaus..

My Cup Runneth Over