When to Speak,,, When to Strike


Man we’re talking movements were talking revolutions were talking about mass worldwide change.

The changes in ideals the changes in concept that changes in patterns that changes in habits.

And also understanding that there is a season for everything under the Sun as for told in the scriptures and season to sow a season to reap.

Marching through transitions of new seasons you have to understand and differentiate the difference between The times to speak and the times to act the times to listen and the times to under and over stand.

Time after time you can see the instances are people were never supposed to take one action but they took another and it resulted in something negative.

During the recent meeting I personally use the analogy between a tornado And associating with someone who could resemble what would be called a force of nature Due to there are very abrasive and aggressive mentality and way of acting.

Maybe you’ve experienced conversating with the person similar to this where no matter what you say it was spit back at you with exponential energy. Escalating the argument to monumental proportions taking it far out of context and causing confusion. There needs to be an absolute transformation a of mentalĀ dispositions in order for healthy relationships to be bonded with individuals like this.

And much like a tornado roaring and ripping down the highway down cascading over farmlands and causing destruction Throughout its very pass wherever it goes and follows through over every inch of Square land.

If you try to throw anything into the tornado it would spit it right back at you and probably hurt you. You can’t control the tornado but that what you can control is your proximity to the tornado and how close you are to the region where tornadoes happen more often.

From self reflection from being on the one side of this type of ordeal I’ve learned that it is most beneficial to respond by action.

That is the idea that I want to pass along through this post is discerning the difference between the time to strike and the time to speak.

In a different parallel of the same principle we can look at the time when God told Moses and Aaron to speak to the rock yet they struck it in order to get enough water for the people, the animals and even for a pool that could use some pool resurfacing.

And because of Moses is failure to comply with the actual order in its specification, Actually hindered him to do more than just see the promised land but stopped him from being able to go into it.

I would imagine that it was due to his high level of responsibility that God had rendered such a harsh form of judgment unto Moses.

Maybe you can remember a time in your life when you actually realize that the repercussions because you had taken the wrong course of action..

The point is not to just sit there feel sorry for yourself and beat yourself down and feel guilty but it is to learn from the lesson.

Especially as you’re growing in your strength and you realize that when it is time to strike is time to strike and that means serious business, And when it is time for you to communicate the things that have been going on in your mind and those around you are wondering and just waiting in anticipation to see what you’re going to say Because you gauge your speach according to the fact that there is life and death in the power of your tongue therefore you are very careful with what you let proceed from your mouth..

So they want to hear more