About The Writer

businessman adjusting his tie

Greetings my family my name is Christian Johnson.

Welcome aboard I will be the conductor on the ship Bringing my experiences in life business with family and other life experiences into this platform Where I will be able to share them with you.

I like to think of everything in life as the chess moves I play as I’ve played high level chess For a number of years and I see this blog as my bishop.

In the vein of covering all of the angles I see the importance for myself the ability to share my thoughts with those who also can resonate with me.

I’ll talk about life the ups and downs other recommendations of businesses and experiences in places that I cosign, As I’m writing this little piece about myself you will also see that I am very much so influenced and appreciative of the holiday season as you get into my writings.

I do want to make sure that I show my appreciation to you for taking time to come in and step into my life and the elaborate labyrinth of my mind.

But as I see the importance of this form of communication a beneficial for the ability to communicate I also want to encourage you to not only be a spectator in the game but also strap your boots up and get into the game lace your shoes and throw on your shorts.

We live in an information age were valuable insight and thoughts are the way of the world in a form of new currency.

I’ve lived an exciting life in my 30 plus years and seen many experiences and had much success in some areas, And through the process of me sharing them with you I want to also encourage you to be aware of the way the world is going!

Alright peace!

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