it’s Always Worth A Try



Have you ever heard…

That you miss 100% of the shots that you do not take?

I’m beginning to see that there is a reoccurring theme along the topics that are on my heart to share through this blog post as well as the other on this site.

It is always time to better ourselves and to look at the areas in life that we can improve.

So important not only to talk the talk but also to walk the walk and that can never happen unless you take the first step.

Have you ever try to start an older engine motor during a cold season and quickly realize that it had to warm up before it would fully roar into life.

Maybe you’ve tried it the first time and it stuttered and died maybe the second and third time it also didn’t turn over.

Unless there’s an actual failure In the motor or electrical systems, More than likely the engine would eventually turn over and begin to warm up so that you could get into your destination.

Imagine not making it to your destination because the engine did not start on your first attempt.

Such is the picture of our lives when we find a task that requires constant tenacity ambition and discipline to achieve and accomplish and we give up.

What stops us from trying?

Many times it is the fear of failure that can hinder us from proceeding to actually take steps to start something in the first place.

That’s a topic that’s deep enough for a completely new and different post.

However I’m sure that we all can relate and have been in that place where we were immobilized due to the fear of the unknown.

The fear of looking silly the fear of judgment from others the fear of others opinions that fear of losing control.

Thoughts racing through our minds

The perspiration the sweat.

Yet somehow when we reconnect with the reason for our desire to move forward with whatever endeavour we are in the midst of in the first place.

We can usually find the substance that we need to enable ourselves to keep pressing on when we remember why we started.

Maybe we have a large yard project we’ve been procrastinating about, maybe we where supposed to paint the house, callĀ Tree Removal Wilmington to get the yard ready for summer

Yet somehow sometimes we are so gripped by our fear that keeps us stagnant, that we stay perpetrating the same cycle of our past and current results.

It’s even said in different words by the well-known innovator and philosopher Albert Einstein the definition of madness is doing the same things over and over and over again expecting a different result.

People will complain day in and day out about different things that are happening or that are not happening in their lives, yet somehow stay stuck mentally by not getting outside of their comfort zone.

And I know I know that is easier said than done but for many of us especially in this day and age it is a necessity to face these fears, summon some courage, walk by faith, make a plan, and TRY.

You know how the saying goes, if at first you do not succeed, try, try, again!

Keep it going!