Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum


Once again…

It is that joyous time of year.

with those holiday greetings and happy meetings with friends, family, and those who we hold dear to our heart.

In this time of holiday festivities, when the holiday cheer and Christmas spirit theme lines up many of the television programming and major retail advertisements and displays.

When Christmas becomes a business focus, we deny ourselves an opportunity to learn from the many stories and moral lessons that surround this magical time of love and bonding.

It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for a reason.

Let’s take a look at the value of the popular story of the little drummer boy..

I’m sure you’ve heard the song and may be familiar with the party if the song saying pa rum pa pum pum..

Taking place during the birth of Christ when the shepherds who where watching their flocks, the wise men following the bright start traveling from afar east who where coming to pay their respects to the new born king.

Now outside of the narrative that this song tells, I don’t personally know of any other account that validates or confirms the existence of this little drummer boy.

No as the story goes he it was a long other villagers who told him and were coming to see the newborn King.

However it case the little boy was poor and he did not have any material gifts to bring it to the king.

However the young little drummer boy had a heart so full of compassion so full of love and admiration, That he did not let the fact that he didn’t have Frankincense gold or mhyrr like the wise man or other physical gifts stop him From coming to pay his respects to this king that he knew in his soul was going to be something significant in this world.

Yet at the aspect of this story that warms hearts all over the world is the fact that this drummer boy knew if he had one thing in this life it was his ability to play the drum.

And as he approaches the little baby boy in the manger he plays his heart out on that drum.

What Can We Learn From This Story?

Well there are many things that we can take away from this beautiful story but first of all it is not meant to replace forsake the very meaningful expressions of love that physical gifts have the capacity to offer.

More so it’s a beautiful look at the intention behind the gift in the act of giving of what we do have to offer.

I am an individual with a very active imagination and in my mind I can just imagine what that performance looked like.

One of those moments when time just stood still and nothing existed except the beat of the drum As the rhythm of the percussion washed over the multitude of those who gathered and the little baby Jesus just sitting there like a wide eyed child full of wonder and amazement.

Although he was the savior of the world since the moment that he came into this world who knew what was going through his mind who knew how much he understood about the world around him.

I’ll leave that question up to the theologians and scholars but for one thing that I am certain when someone is putting their passion inton their gift in front of you, It is a beautiful gift that supersedes language barriers that supersedes differences in understanding indeed.

I’m sure this little drummer boy song and story captures be one of the highlights of this young musicians musical career.

With absolutely no idea about the rest of this little drummer boy’s life and story after this night, I would hope and as well as imagine that his life and his career was met with favor and blessings from the Almighty God from the authentic gift that he shared on the special night.

And so in conclusion the main point that we can take away from this story and apply into our own lives this holiday season.

Is to give with your heart and not just your pockets..


This gift keeps on giving